Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time to start packing!

This is a pic of me and POE (Princess Of Everything) in our matching jammies. At 11 she's outgrown the children's department. Not that I think we'll start wearing matching clothes all the time.......but we are cute in our matching PJ's!
We are going to be moving. UGH! I still haven't gotten everything UNpacked from our move in May! LOL! This will be our first move over 20 minutes away. Guess we'll have to get a moving truck.
Now comes the fun part. We gotta find a place we can live with 5 cats and a 50 pound puppy! And we'll have to build a new pen, then find all the weak spots and REbuild it! Maybe we'll find a place with a front yard that doesn't flood :)
Time to get motivated. Laundry to finish, then get ready for work! HUGS and LUV all!

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