Friday, October 9, 2009

Lakefront property

First pic is my display on the front porch. 2nd shot is the view from my front porch this morning. There's not normally a pond under the willow tree. It's rained all day steadily and is STILL raining. I bet the pond is a lake by morning.

My backyard isn't flooded quite as badly. Most of my stepping-stone walkway is underwater and the driveway has mega-puddles. Charquil smells like wet dog and his pen has puddles. I've let him stay in the garage since the rain started.

I got soaked all day delivering pizzas. Unfortunately the pity tips weren't very big. I'm working inside tomorrow nite. Plan to sleep in and snuggle with hubby 'til we both have to leave for work. We don't get enough together time. We're working it out though. Keep us in your Upward thoughts as we figure out moving. We knew we'd have to do it, we just thought we could put it off longer.

When we do move, I'll have to change jobs. I think I'll go back to cashiering. I never got rained on while I was working inside a grocery or dept. store! Ugh I hate the thought of starting over new somewhere. I am so content to stay here in my comfy rut! LOL!

HUGS & LUV all. Gonna get some laundry and dishes done so my lazy sleep-in day tomorrow can be guilt free :)

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