Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looking back and looking forward

I was reading some of my blog posts from before the closing of Yahoo! 360. This string made me chuckle. At the time I typed them, I can assure you I was NOT even a li'l bit amused!

We are without power since Tues 5 AM. Don't expect to have it back for a week. YIKES!! Keep us in your upward thoughts please!

*screams a primal scream from way down deep inside*
Still without power. Will share the whole saga once power has been restored.
Will share the part that irks me the most at this moment with you now.
I live in a trailer park in the country with 22 trailers. Our power went out in the park on Jan 27th before 6 AM. Power came back on in the park last night, the all but TWO trailers. *sigh* yup, you know you guessed of them is OURS. grrrrr
Out of oomph, out of patience, out of wit, out of here.
Upward thoughts requested!

Okay, I'm over this now! Let there be power!!! Keep us in your Upward thoughts please as we continue to exist in a cold, dark place! Also keep hubby in your Upward thoughts, he lost an uncle yesterday. And especially keep all the power people in your Upward thoughts as they continue to labor into the night to restore power in our county.

Apparently we're Amish now. I give up. Just gonna lay around in my dark house and wait for death.
Hangin in a thin and unravelling thread.

We had power back the 16th day after we lost it. That was a rough couple weeks. Feels like it was longer than 8 months ago! Hopefully this coming winter won't be as brutal.

Fall has painted the trees around us some beautiful colors. Today was rainy and we have a pond in the front yard again. I think it's pretty with the weeping willow touching the reflection of itself. The two tulip poplars in the front yard don't get water around them. They are fragile trees, though. Every high wind breaks at least one limb off.

The outside cats are starting to put on their winter bellies. I can't tell if Charquil's putting on any extra weight......he's already a moose! He was 5 months old on the 10th of Oct. I took him over to my friend Stef's house to show her how big he's gotten (he was born there) and he's the same size as her 11 month old puppy. His daddy must be a horse. Or maybe we fed him too much when he was a baby? Either way, that's gonna be one massive dog when he's full grown.

Hubby and I packed up part of our closet last night. We'll be looking for the perfect place to move for the next few weeks. We want at least as much house as we have now and enough yard to keep a horse-moose-dog hybrid happy. I plan to keep working 5 or 6 days a week until we move. Then I'm gonna sit on my ass and eat a housewife and stay~at~home mom for a bit. I think changing schools mid-year might be a little bumpy for the kids. I need to be able to spend as much time with them as possible once we've moved. But until then, I gotta earn money for deposits and dog pen materials! LOL!

Okay, I worked all day and need to not be on the computer all nite! This house won't clean itself, unfortunately. HUGS and LUV all!

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