Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a beautiful day

"You're thinking up a storm. You're soaked in smartness. And struck by brilliance."
When I start the day with THAT as my horoscope, how can I be anything but positive? *rolls eyes* I should start writing horoscopes. I can spin s&&t like that, easy! I really enjoy pet horoscopes. I could specialize in writing hamster and turtle columns. "Today you will feel like hiding, but come out of your shell. A special treat awaits."
Work has sucked so far this week. Tips are scarce and small. Plus we haven't been busy enough for me to get extra hours. I've been keepin' track of my mileage and my tips all year. Gonna see if claimin' my actual miles is better for us on taxes. But it's sad to see the percentage I make on tips. Most days it's less than 9% of my total deliveries. *sigh* Some days are better than others, but lately even the good days aren't that great!
Today I'm off from work and my house is already clean. Just have to pick up kids in C-ville from MDM later. They're on fall break this week so they spent extra time with their Dad. Of course this means after drivin' to C-ville and back today......I gotta do it again tomorrow afternoon to take them BACK to MDM for the weekend. Then again on Sunday to bring them home. Too bad I can't claim "kid-haulin' miles" on my taxes.
On the topic of MDM, keep him in your Upward thoughts that he finds a job soon so he can help support his kids. I'm doin' my best to make up for the loss of that $391 a month, but it means I don't see my kids like I want to. Plus MDM managed to get his support lowered. Even though the court determined earlier this year (like March, I think) that his share of the kids' expenses was $391 a month, now it'll only be $298.50 a month. How'd it suddenly get $92.50 a month CHEAPER for me to feed, clothe and shelter the kids?!?
Rainbows. Butterflies. Sleepin' puppies. *deep breath* Okay, back to my beautiful, brilliant day. HUGS and luv, folks.


  1. You know Jeni, I waas thinkin last night when the pizza dude came that we never tip him enough. So I gives him s'more. He might owe someone child support!!
    Hey my blog is here too now imma follow you!

  2. Like the new pad, luv. Not so keen on the shades-inducing PINK wallpaper mind you.