Friday, October 23, 2009

Another pet funeral

My poor POE is having a rough week. Her toe is feeling better and the swelling has gone down. She's able to walk (on her heel) today. She spent the day working on the schoolwork I picked up for her this morning.

This evening she went to feed her hamster, Puddin. He had died. :( Tomorrow we'll got to Mom & Dad's and bury Puddin beside the 5 fish and Miss Buddy. At the moment he's in a plastic container in my freezer. POE wrote on the lid "DO NOT OPEN!! AND DO NOT SNIFF! Been dead at least 2 days" Hubby says Puddin was in his wheel runnin' like mad Wed night when he came home from work. But neither of us heard him last night so it's possible her estimate is correct! Poor kid. And poor Papaw...has to dig another hole. I think I'll declare a moratorium on pets who live in containers. In fact, POE has a kitten, C has a puppy, hubby has Angel, I have JoJo & Moe. I think we're at the limit for pets period!

Speaking of my JoJo, she's now on my lap and demanding attention! Night all!

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