Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Indiana Experience

Wow. Where to even start? What a long, strange trip it's been.
After living in a quiet li'l trailer park in Kentucky for 11 years, we moved to a doublewide on a couple acres in a quiet Amish community in May of 2009. It cost a bit more and necessitated a change in schools for the kids, but hubby was managing a store and making better money. We planned to stay there until, well until whenever! Loved it, beautiful location, we were mere minutes away from friends and family. We settled in, even got a dog for Christian. Life was good.
In August of 2009, life was great. Hubby had gotten his store into the shape he wanted. He was making bonuses. He was doing so well that he was offered a promotion. We decided he should take it. Even though it meant moving to Indiana. Two moves in one year was going to be hard for the kids. Plus we all had to give up animals. Of the 6 cats & the dog, only 2 cats got to come along. (Yes, it ended up being 3 when we found Moe at our old place in March!)
In November of 2009 life got hectic. My dad had health problems. My li'l bro had mental problems. We had a month to find a house in Indiana and get moved. Of course we managed to do it :) We're tough and smart. Christmas wasn't right with my dad being in and out of the hospital, then loopy on pain meds when he was home. The move was interesting. Transitoning to a new state, new schools, new job.... it was difficult.
By March of 2010, life was settling into a comfortable routine. The kids made friends and were both doing well in school. Their dad had begun sending child support regularly. We were able to zip back to Kentucky pretty often. We were looking for a better blace to live, a house with a dog~safe yard. Mainly a house that didn't cost $800 a month to HEAT! The plan was to send the kids to their dad's for the month of July and we'd move to the new place well before school started back in August. I even got a JOB!
Now on to June 1st. Six months into the new job and hubby's promotion was rescinded. "Thanks for uprooting your life to take this position. You did a great job. You're being replaced. As of today." Wow. And can I add that he drove 2 hours to the meeting where he lost his job? Gee, thanks for letting hubby waste all that gas. Four hours of his life he'll never get back. Grrr. Life is upside down!
The latest plan is to send the kids to their dad for June, sell all the furniture we can, purge until the Goodwill bins are overflowing, and then hubby & I stay with my parents for a few weeks. Hubby has a job waiting, we just have to find a place to live! I'll be calling the landlord I had from September 1998 to December 2009. Wonder if I can get him to toss out the people in that doublewide in the Amish neighborhood? LOL!
It'll all be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.

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