Sunday, April 18, 2010

The best & the worst

The 1st and 3rd Friday of every month are when the kids go see their dad (MDM) for a visit. MDM cancelled the visit on Apr 2nd. This past Friday, the 16th, 12 minutes before we take off to meet MDM in Kentucky.....he texts me that he is cancelling yet again. Grrrr. He's cancelled half of his visits since we moved to Indiana. At least I've started getting child support again. But I am getting very annoyed with him. Every time he has a new kid, he gets flakier with the 1st two!
I went to Kentucky anyway :) Drove for 3 hours to spend a couple hours with my best friend, then drove back home in the dark in the pouring down rain. I needed the time to cool off. I really wanted to drive to MDM's house and punch him in the face. You know what I say, I'm only a couple Zoloft away from full~on crazy at any time! But I resisted the urge, MDM remains unpunched, and I made it home to the family safely before midnight!
Saturday we hung out as a family, then took POE to a sleepover. Shopping with hubby was great, as always. We each got 2 pairs of shorts for 35 cents....I am hooked on Salvation Army's Saturday sale! We got there 10 minutes before they closed, that's why we left with only 4 items :)
Today hubby hung out with POE while I took C out to practice driving. C did better than I expected. And he was more nervous than I expected, too. He takes direction well and he didn't hit anything! Not bad for a 1st time! I made the family favorite chicken casserole for dinner and we had a great relaxing evening.
Time to get to bed. 5 AM comes early. Come on, Monday. Bring it. I'm ready!

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