Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I should be packing!

I've been busy! Since my last post we have found a house and started packing and cleaning ...plus decorated for C-mas! We're doing our family C-mas on the 21st. Then the kids will go to their dad's on the 23rd and spend the week. I will pack the kids' rooms while they are away. Snow shovel & wide boxes :)
Next week I have to get the kids' school info and medical & dental records gathered up. Our first week in the new town will be hectic as I get the kids into school and find places we can hang out and meet people. Just thinkin' about my massive to~do list is wearin' me out!
It's getting colder and darker every morning. This has encouraged field mice to come in and play with the cats. JoJo and Frisky are like siblings fighting over a toy when they have a mouse. Frisky figured out how to put the mouse in a box and play with it longer. I triple~checked all my boxes before I sealed them LOL! My walls are so bare, shelves are emptied, no moose in sight! The C-mas tree looks great though!
Gotta get motivated and into the shower. Doing lunch with a friend today. Been a while since I had a girls date!

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