Sunday, November 1, 2009

The move......and moving on

We move after Christmas. Two months to find a place and do what we can to move over C-mas break. I wish I could take my landlord with me. And my parents. And Stef. A new opportunity awaits, I shall try and be positive!

I guess I'll cut back to 2 days a week at work. I'll need the extra time to get things re-packed (didn't I JUST get UNpacked?!?) And I gotta figure out how to fix the Angel-damage to the doorframes that she's shredded. I am going through one of my cycles of "my job really sucks and I don't get paid enough for this crap" lately. Maybe I should go ahead and cut back to ZERO days a week! LOL! I'm looking forward to seeing more of my hubby once we move! I could start easing into that now.

Tomorrow I'll start packing up things we won't need until after C-mas. And figure out how to move 6 cats and a ginormous dog. Maybe rent a van and each animal gets its own cage? Or maybe the 3 feral cats move to Mom & Dad's to finish out their lives? Can the dog be fed-exed? Of course in another 2 months Charquil may be big enough to pull a trailer!

The cats have declared that it's bedtime. My baby is in her usual spot (on my laptop and my arm), Frisky is sprawled out along the back of the laptop, Moe is beside the bed and Angel is guarding the bedroom door. All four are snoozin' happily. Two of them are snoring :) Hard work to be a cat! They killed a 2nd mouse this morning. They deserve their slumber. As do I!

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